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Lightning Fast Production

We are able to have turn times faster then any of our competitor, as quick as 7 to 10 business days if needed!


On-Time Delivery

I understand your reputation. Because we have complete control of the process, we will hit your delivery date.


Factory Status

We are manufacturer, not simply supplier. Our product goes straight from the swing machines to your hands.



If a player's product is damage. We can make it again, if he sends us a pictures. The condition is that he

can tell us within 7 days when you get the product.






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Four Plus Martial Arts Development

We always produce several types of ring cotton, vinyl, polyester, canvas and mat cover for boxing rings  and wrestling ring according to customer requirements. Most people want alongside of canvas is eyelets and velcro for attaching side canvas and fixation with boxing or wrestling ring produce. Customized logo's print on canvas, mat cover with heavy duty print by screen printing technology. Which our customers like very much. Also we have all the accessories of the boxing, wrestling ring. If you want to print your club or team logo on canvas. Four Plus Martial Arts always comes to meet your wishes. And you will always be satisfied. There is nothing easier than contacting us. 





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